Your Details Form for Payments
The purpose of this form
To register details required to make a payment from Sefton Council, or to amend any existing details we already hold.
Notes to read before you fill in this form
Sefton Council is under a duty to protect public funds. Therefore the Council may share your data for cross checking purposes with internal and external organisations for the prevention and detection of fraud.
Please do not fill in the form more than once.
If you are an existing supplier of goods or services to the Council you will need your ‘Supplier ID number’, which can be found on any previous payment advice received from Sefton Council.
If you require help in completing this form please contact the Council by email or visit our One Stop Shops.
If you have completed the form successfully you will be provided with a unique SEF reference number at the end of the submission, please quote this in any correspondence. If no SEF reference number is provided the form has not been submitted.
* You will need an active bank account – the Council no longer issues payment by cheque.
* You will need an email address to send an electronic notification detailing the payment made.
* The name and address information is that of the person/organisation to receive the payment.
* Purchase orders and Remittance Advices will be sent from the email address, please add this to your whitelist.
Third parties, including Sefton employees, should not complete the form on behalf of other people without documented authorisation of the Accounts Payable team.
To counter against the risk of fraud do not disclose your supplier id number.
The Council’s standard terms for payment to suppliers of goods or service are 30 days.
The Council has launched the Sefton Payment Acceleration Programme which will enable suppliers to receive payment quicker in return for a small rebate. For further details:
If you are applying for a refund you will need to provide information regarding your request.
If you are a Supplier of Goods or Service you may need to provide a Company Letterhead, declare Self Employment or provide details required by HMRC.
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