Council Tax Status Discount - Apprentice Form
Any personal data you provide on this form will be handled in accordance with data protection legislation and details as to how we will use your personal data can be found in the Privacy Notice provided at this link
Notes to read before you fill in this form.
This Local Government Finance Act 1992 and the Discount Order 1992, Schedule 1, Part IV define that a person will be disregarded for the purposes of determining entitlement to discount if he or she:
(a) Is employed for the purpose of learning a trade, business, profession, office, employment or vocation.
(b) Is for the purpose undertaken a programme of training leading to a qualification accredited by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority of the Scottish Vocational Education Council, and
(c) Is employed at a salary or in receipt of an allowance or both, which are, in total;
No more than £195 per week. (£160 per week prior to 01.04.2007)
WARNING: If you knowingly submit the form and it is found to be false, you could be subject to prosecution.
You must notify Sefton Council immediately if there are any changes in circumstances that may affect a discount.
To complete a Status Discount Apprentice Form you will need to provide proof of wages for the Apprentice named on the form (2 weekly wage slips) and also a declaration form completed by their employer. There is an option to print a blank declaration form when you have submitted all the details on line. If you do not have access to a printer you can request a blank form be sent out to you. The form, when completed can be posted to us or presented at a Sefton Council One Stop Shop. Your application can only be dealt with when we receive the completed declaration form and the two wage slips.
You will also need:
- your Council Tax Account Number