Council Tax Change of Address
Any personal data you provide on this form will be handled in accordance with data protection legislation and details as to how we will use your personal data can be found in the Privacy Notice provided at this link
To complete a Change of Address Application you will need:
- The full postal address and postcode of the property you are moving out of
- Your Council Tax account number which can be found on your Council Tax Bill
- The completion date if the property is owned by you and has been sold or the date your tenancy ended if it is a rented property
- The date you are moving out if different from above
- The full postal address of the property you are moving to
- The name and address of your solicitor and the buyer's details, if you are the owner
- The name and address of your landlord, if you are the tenant
If you are moving out of the Sefton Borough OR you are moving out to an address in Sefton but will not be liable for Council Tax as the Bill payer at your new address (For example: staying with family or friends and have no legal interest in the property you are moving to or as a C/O address) OR If you are only notifying us about the sale of the property then please select YES
For any other change of address please select NO
* This indicates mandatory fields