Business Rates State Aid De Minimis Received
Notes to read before you fill in this form.
State Aid Declaration
Awards such as Retail Relief are required to comply with the EU law on State Aid. State Aid is financial support that is provided by the State to business organisations. State Aid rules exist to avoid public funded interventions distorting competition within the European Union; Business Rate Relief is State Aid. Generally State Aid is prohibited and unlawful. However there are a number of exemptions, which if they apply, render the State Aid lawful and permitted. The relevant exemption in respect of this application is De Minimis Aid.
For your application to be successful it must fall within the De Minimis Aid criteria. Generally the De Minimis Threshold is 200,000 Euros over the current financial year and the two previous financial years). If some aid has been received in previous years but this does not exceed the De Minimis Threshold then a partial business rate relief may be granted up to the De Minimis Threshold level. The threshold applies to all aid received by a parent company/group of businesses rather than just a subsidiary.
When considering your application for Retail Relief we need to know if you or any company in your group of businesses has received state aid or if you expect to receive any State Aid in the current financial year or the previous two financial years.
You also need to be aware that if the European Commission considers that you are not eligible for De Minimis Aid, the amount of aid awarded will be recoverable from you with interest. It is therefore important that you are confident that you meet the De Minimis Aid criteria.
Further information can be found at
The De Minimis Regulations 1407/2013 (as published in the Official Journal of the European Union L352 24.12.2013) can be downloaded at
WARNING: If you knowingly submit the form and it is found to be false, you could be subject to prosecution.
You must notify Sefton Council immediately if there are any changes in circumstances that may affect a discount.
To complete a State Aid received Form you will need:
- your Business Rates Account Number
- details of all State Aid received in the last two financial years or due in this financial year