Council Tax - Sole Occupier Discount - Change in Household Circumstances
Notes to read before you fill in this form.
Under the provisions of The Local Government Finance Act 1992, paragraph 11, persons liable to pay Council Tax and who are the sole occupants of their dwelling are eligible for a discount. Therefore you must only submit this form if you are the sole adult living in your dwelling.
If anyone aged 18 years and over (or who will be 18 in the next 12 months) also lives in your home, you must tell us about the change to your household.
If you do not live alone, you may still be entitled to a discount off your bill. We do not count some people when we work out how many adults live with you. For example: a son/daughter aged 18 and still in further education. Any student who would usually be resident with you, but has their term-time address elsewhere should also be included in your household.
When completing the boxes on this form, you should include all adults who are now living with you. However, if you think they should not be counted, please indicate why and we will write to you again for more information before adjusting your bill.
To complete a Sole Occupier Discount Change in Circumstances for you will need:
- your Council Tax Account Number
- Names and Dates of Births of all adults in the household, as well as those who will become 18 in the next 12 months
- The date(s) they joined the household
* This indicates mandatory fields